i-Hire Offers a Wide Range of Services


Our on-site, full-service staffing teams are designed to fulfill the comprehensive personnel needs of your organization. The hiring demands and requirements will dictate the composition of the on-site team. Domain-expert recruiters and detail-oriented staffing coordinators from i-Hire will provide hiring managers with an accessible, responsive, and professional on-site recruiting team.

When internal bandwidth is an issue or domain expertise in a particular field is lacking, the i-Hire team can provide the resources you need to fill the gaps. i-Hire has the knowledge and agility to support your hiring peaks with efficiency and seamless integration into your workflow. With our project-based assignments, you have the ability to choose services from the on-site staffing solution that best fit your organization’s needs.

Our sourcers and screeners work behind the scenes using i-Hire’s proprietary software, database, and network to identify both passive and active job seekers based on your hiring requirements. Providing your recruiters with interested and qualified candidates allows them more time to develop relationships and to close with the candidates. Our sourcers are ARIS-trained and utilize all of the latest search techniques including: Flip Search, X-Raying, Boolean Searches, Deep-Web, and Peer Search. Our sourcing center will also network for the passive candidate, and fully phone screen candidates to the specifications of the hiring managers.

A strong client centric solution is Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the services of providing all or part of a companies recruitment activities to an external provider. We, as the external service provider will provide skilled recruiters, administrative assistance, and coaching to hiring managers — in order to help hiring managers to reach their goals.

iHire provides a full range of HR services and outsourcing. Our focus is on start-ups and small to mid-sized high growth companies. Our services are customized to the individual needs of the company, where they are in their growth cycle, with a focus on the future. The iHire solution set can be configured to integrate into your existing platform or redesigned from the foundation up. The iHire systems and services are the levers by which your People Strategies are executed.

Our team of dedicated professional has decades of experience in helping organizations create an HR function that is fully integrated with the company business plan. We believe the overall success of our clients is achieved through allowing its people to thrive. Having the right human capital management team in place is a key to making that happen. That team is iHire.