The Executive Team

Jeff Maruyama is the CEO, Chairman of i-Hire, Inc. Jeff founded i-Hire in 1999 with the goal of establishing a company that provides comprehensive, quality support in the area of recruiting. The foundation of i-Hire’s systems and procedures was built on his prior experiences in manufacturing and process improvement.

A collection of best known methods (BKM’s) from i-Hire’s clients coupled with Six Sigma methodology, lead to the formation of a very efficient and compliant staffing system. Jeff not only developed this staffing system and procedures, but he was responsible for implementing it in numerous large corporations. He traveled to Japan to meet with the founder and creator of the Six Sigma methodology, which was publicized by GE but was based on Toyota’s “no tolerance” rule. Jeff frequently travels throughout Asia to expand i-Hire’s global presence. He attends board meetings every quarter in Japan and China.

In 2003, he traveled to India and established i-Hire’s India branch. In 2005, Bruce Ferguson joined Jeff to expand i-Hire’s presence in Southern California. Working together with Bruce Ferguson, Jeff has diversified i-Hire into the areas of finance and solar power. In 2006, he appointed JoNelle Sood as President of i-Hire.

Jeff is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley. He serves as chairman in i-Research, Inc. and i-Fund, a private venture fund. He currently sits on the board for Startforce, a Japanese software company. He is on the Board of Trustees for the Japanese Community Cultural Center of Northern California. He was a previous board member at Coyote Pt. Museum. Jeff currently spends most of his time on business/partner development and investment strategy.